Car care

In addition to the services provided by AMEX to its families, a special section was created CAR CARE takes care of the car's cleanliness and restoring the factory shine either For the exterior of the car, the interior trim or the motor, using the finest quality Kinds of detergents and chemicals for that.

Saddles & Car Interior

To complete the range of services provided by AMEX in the field of maintenance and repair Cars These services had to be completed with saddle service and repair of upholstery The interior of the car is represented in the salon furniture, floors and ceiling, as well as brushes Doors for all types of cars and all materials used in that.

Car Painting

The availability of a sophisticated paint booth for spraying and painting works using the finest certified materials and the latest paint systems.


Body Fixed

And in the interest of us on the quality of our services, a special section has been allocated for dentistry using advanced devices to restore your car to factory condition.


Air Condition

Amex also has a special section on air conditioning problems and malfunctions where it is used It includes the latest Italian equipment and the "TEXA" charging station.


Car Electricity

The center was devoted to the importance of car electricity in the efficiency and regularity of its performance A special section for all automotive electrical faults and problems.

Suspension System

The center provides a distinguished service in adjusting & repairing luggage faults & resolving all Suspension system problems for all types of cars with the help of cranes The hydraulic system to facilitate finding faults & speeding up handling.


The center provides mechanical services for engines & gearboxes of all kinds ( Manual - Automatic ), using the latest technologies to detect faults & deal with it.

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