Amex Center is one of the most important and largest auto maintenance centers in Alexandria, as it was built on an area of ​​2000 square meters, and that area was divided into three parts, the largest share of which was for the workshop, followed by a part dedicated to parking and car care in addition to the third part, which is Administrative building and customer waiting area (Witting Area).

Work began on establishing the Alexandria branch in October 2018 and continued for a period of five months, and the center began practicing its work in November 2019.

The Amex Center is distinguished by its unique location that is easily accessible from all parts of Alexandria, as well as the multiplicity of services provided by the center to include all kinds of car specialties, including mechanics, furniture, car electricity, air conditioning, a special section for denting and repairs to the exterior of the car. Painting and spraying the car in the best possible way to restore the car to the factory condition, as well as a special section for saddlebags and interior furnishings for the car, and a section was also provided for the car care and car wash services externally and internally, the motor and its interior furnishings …

And because AMEX is characterized by a regular administrative structure that is subject to international standards, so there is a future vision that is summarized in:

* We work together as a team because one is not enough, because leadership requires hard work.

* AMEX will lead the way to the future of mobility. Through our commitment to quality and continuous innovation, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile. We believe that there is always a better way.

And the two follow to achieve this is an important principle:

1- We work together as one team. Our motto is one individual, it is not enough.

2- Entrepreneurship requires hard work.

And for this, we have developed AMEX values, which are summarized in:

1- Teamwork: Working in a team spirit and exchanging experiences and knowledge.

2- Creativity: initiating the development of new methods and methods and creating ideas for the completion of work with high quality.

3- Transparency: providing all necessary information and data, and achieving justice in all dealings.

4- Proficiency: the completion of the work with the required accuracy and speed while adhering to the professional controls.

5- Communication: effective coordination between our employees and customers, which results in a positive partnership between all parties.

6- Belonging: a sense of responsibility and loyalty to improve performance.

7- Excellence: to be the best.

In order to establish the name of AMEX in the automotive world and to implement the vision and goals of AMEX, we have relied on a principle that will always be the basis of any work we do, which is:

N Ethics… No Success…

It is not recommended for any service, repair, or procedures that are not required for the customer, and all conditions, evaluations and specifications must be clarified in the work order to verify the reason for any service recommendation, and a written AMEX guarantee is provided for the services for which a guarantee should be provided, and no service is provided. Without work orders signed by the responsible maintenance engineer, and no invoice will be issued
For any service that was not performed, all completed work must meet the approved AMEX standards. All employees must adhere to these rules and procedures and report any violations of ethics instructions.
And the rules of conduct of management and failure to adhere to those rules lead to disciplinary actions that may be up
To conduct a final dismissal.

And last but not least … We always hope that we will meet your expectations and that we can offer
Always the best, and we promise you that we will provide everything new and that you will share with us our successes …

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